Funeral Flowers Help

Funeral Flowers Advice

When bereavement occurs, there is no better way to express your
sympathy and demonstrate your love than with a floral tribute.

A sea of flowers can bring comfort to loved ones, and help provide
some pleasantness to an otherwise mournful occasion.
The timeless elegance and beauty of flowers is a way of
expressing feeling when words just say too little.   At the funeral, flowers generally adorn the hearse and the coffin itself,
and are also transported in following vehicles if there are too many.
The flowers should therefore be delivered in time for the cortege
departure from the deceased's home, funeral home, or elsewhere.

Flowers for the funeral cortege and ceremony require special
preparation and care, we will hand deliver floral tribute/s about two
hours prior to the funeral, we work with the funeral director to
ensure the floral tributes continue to look fresh and vibrant for the service.

Aside from the funeral flowers, flowers are also sent to the home of
the deceased's family by way of expressing sympathy and solidarity.
Flowers can convey emotion that is too great and often too difficult for
words and bring colour to a dark moment. 
Coffin Sprays  are placed directly onto the coffin, and can cover the
length of the coffin itself.

Posies are usually set on a round base though are smaller
in size than wreaths. They are often included on children's
coffins, or are chosen as a tribute from a child.

  • Hearts offer a personal expression of love. They can be
    made as a solid heart or set on a frame with a space in
    the centre.
  • Wreaths again can be a full circle of flowers, or a wreath
    ring. A more formal tribute for coffins, crematoriums and
    graves; wreaths symbolise the eternal circle of life.
  • Name Tributes are highly personal and usually placed on
    or by the coffin
  • Crosses are an elegant dedication and provide religious
    symbolism for committed Christian burials.
  • Pillow or Cushions suggest that the deceased is now at rest,
    and are a thoughtful way of expressing your sympathy.
  • Personal Designs are often the choice of those closest
    to the deceased, and can denote something that was
    particularly significant to, or about that person.
    For example; a car shape if they were a keen motorist,
    a pint if they liked a drink, or a handbag for a woman's
    woman. Options can be discussed with us to interpret
    your ideas.
  • Tradition and etiquette dictate that name tributes are only
    sent by the family of the deceased. The main coffin spray
    also follows this rule.Coffin Spray: Placed directly onto the coffin

For a formal tribute to a family member, friend or colleague,
wreaths or posy pads make an elegant statement. For an
equally formal homage that expresses heartfelt loss and
emotion, hearts, pillows and crosses are a touching piece.

If you feel that sculpted shapes are too formal, sprays and
posies are an informal option and convey more of a relaxed
accordance with nature. They are also the better choice if the
flowers are to be used elsewhere after the service.Cremation
boxes and urns can also be given floral tributes, often
surrounding the container. When scattered on water, ashes can
be followed by wreaths, loose flowers or loose petals.

Occasionally, the family may request a colour theme to reflect
the tastes of the deceased. Otherwise, try to choose colours that
you feel say something about who the person was, and also that
say something about you and your feelings. Don't get hung up
on the language of flowers and what each flower is said to mean,
a funeral tribute is about choosing something that you like and
that conveys your own message. There is nothing more personal
than a tribute that is a result of your own thought-out choice.

Bear in mind that the exact choice of flowers will generally be limited
to their seasonal availability.

For further assistance please contact us 01942 523122 - email: or call into the shop, we're here to help.