Candy Buffets - Candy Carts - for every occasion


Candy Buffets / Candy Carts / Candy Floss make a stunning addition to your event.

  • Looking for a candy buffet / Candy Cart that will blow your guests away? At Four Seasons Florist our team of design specialists can provide you with a feast that will dazzle both the eyes and the taste buds.

  • Making your event unique can be a challenge these days, we are dedicated in presenting an original design that matches the theme and mood of your event.

  • Candy buffets / Candy Carts, can be bright and child-like or sophisticated and decadent - whatever you require, you can rest assured we can supply a Candy Buffet / Candy Cart that you require.

  • Whether you want to cap off a wedding reception for your family and friends or create a talking point for your work colleagues at your corporate event, Candy Buffets / Candy Carts are a cost-effective idea that is bold and high-profile. Candy Buffets / Candy Carts make a real statement! There are many reasons why they are perfect for your next event, including:

  •  The child-like wonder it creates in your guests - your guests literally are "kids in a candy shop!" 

  •  Guests take their sweet bag/box with them, leaving them with a souvenir for the next day.

  •  A great ice-breaker for corporate events.

  •  Sweets you haven't eaten for years are available  -  gob-stoppers, humbugs, rock candy, rock lollies, Toffee Apples, Candy Floss, Flying Saucers, Bon Bons, Wham Bars.